Monday, 31 December 2007

After 3 day's visit : What I thought about Edinburgh??

Finally.. we're safely reached home on Saturday,10.40 pm 29 Dec 2007 after almost 6 hours journey back from Edinburgh city. Although it was fog at most of the motorway, but Alhamdulillah.. bersyukur kepada Allah...semua urusan perjalanan dipermudahkan...

What I thought about Edinburgh??

Wow!! other words can described my feeling once we reached Edinburgh city...its rich and extremely violent history!! But I still can feel a very calm historic feeling...romantic...!!I can honestly say Edinburgh just amazing. Is not too big but has everything you need!! haha… it’s a beautiful city! It is a must for a tourists! I wish I can come back again....

And of course, A million thanks to Jo's & family - Andak, Aiman & Aliyah for your kindness and hospitality that u provided to us during our 3 days visits.Thanks for your lovely breakfast,lunch and dinner....even titbits for Iman! Tiada apa yg dpt membalas budi baik kalian!! Hope, you all will sentiasa sihat,tenang & cekal dlm menjalani & mengharungi hidup di Edinburgh.Panjang umur ,murah rezeki...kita jumpa lagi ok!! and special to of luck in your study!! May Allah permudahkan semua urusan pembelajaran...balik nanti we all panggil u 'Dr. Jo' you!! InsyaAllah!!!hehehehehehe!

And not to forget Fairuz who will pursue his Doctorate at Cardiff...wishing u a good luck from all of us!! May Allah Bless U!! Take care ok!

And for both of u...please do come to Sheffield...our house is widely open anytime 24 7Eleven gituh!!

And...i'm out from Scotland now...missing that place very much...emmmm.....I wish I can always fly there....

Amiin - end of entry...

Jalan2 lagi Glasgow - more photos

A view of Old Castle at Pollock, Glasgow
A Tall Ship Visits at Glenlee, Glasgow Harbour

Iman posed in front of Helikopter Penyelamat...
The Tall Ship visits
atas dek...Titanic habisss!

Jalan2 at Glasgow, Scotland - 29 Dec 2007

view at Lawrence Road, Glasgow city at 9.30 am...
One of the tourist Attraction...Museums & Arts Galleries

another city view

Day 3
We drove from Edinburgh to Glasgow . It was 1 hour journey, about 50+ miles. We reached the city centre about 9 am. Our main destination??? You won't believe it!! We aimed 1 Chinese shop that sell 'kicap' and 'tempe'!! This shop opened at 11 am so we decided to make a tour while waiting. Saiful make full used of his 02 SatNav (Satellite Navigator)...Just command a Centre of Attraction then it will guide us where we want to go...act like our tourist guide...hehehhehehe!

More photo's taken with handphone...Edinburgh City

A beatifull view at City Centre - Scott Monument at Princess Street Garden

Arthur's Seats - the views from Height of Edinburgh
Photo at Calton Hill

Photo at Old Town, Edinburgh

meriah kan city centre Edinburgh...
iman tido atas tour bus lar...

Edinburgh castle - a top of Royal Mile

Edinburgh Castle from bottom views

Tron Kirk on the corner of High Street

Old town views

saiful at small alley at city centre
city sight seeing bus yg kitorg naik kat Waverley Bridge

Scott's Monument - Centre of City

Photos at Royal Museums

We forgot to recharged our camera, some of the photo taken just by handphone...lucky its not that bad....

Jalan2 Edinburgh, Scotland - 28 Dec to 30 Dec 2007

Day 1: Friday 28 Dec 2007

Alhamdulillah!! We made it!! Jalan2 to Edinburgh Scotland for 3 days 2 nights! A 264 miles by driving..about 5 -6 hours journey....but, we took almost 6 1/2 hours bcause of sight seeing ...mkn angin kann....hehehe!

Monument Angel of North taken while in a Gateshead,New Castle. As big as Jumbo Jet...

Some views from the highway...

Reached Scottish Border around 4 pm. It's windy and so taken but shaky...menggeletar tgn nak ambik gambar...sejukkkk!!

Reached Jetburgh 1/2 hour later...even the day is getting darker but we managed to take some shots at Jetburgh..this is Cathedral in Jetburgh... first town after Scottish border..

Hotel that we stayed for 2 nite...sleeping hunny bunny!!

Day 2: Saturday 29 Dec 2007

On the way to National Museum of Scotland, Ediburgh. Our trip was guided with Jo and Fairuz. A million thanks to both of them. After taken some yummy breakfast at Jo's House, we started our tour...Thanks Jo for such a wonderfull trip...and also to Fairuz, our adhoc photographer...hehehehe! our camera bateri kong lar...haiya!!

Iman & Aiman, Jo's son...malu2 budak 2 org nih kononnn...

A few shots in Museum

Views from tour bus

Me and Iman...

Photo at Edinburgh Castle & dgn street bagpipers. Main tabur 40 pence jer nak amik gambar ... itupun Jo bayar...syiling kitorg abis wat bayar parking...hikhikhik!

background photo of Old Town Edinburgh

1 of monuments in front of Edinburgh Castle